Aine Murdock-Robles
Aine Murdock-RoblesAuthor
Áine Murdock-Robles is the creator and writer of Beazey Bobbity. She taught elementary school in Ireland for 13 years. After meeting her ‘Texan Cowboy’ in 2005 she moved to Austin, Texas where she teaches elementary music. When she is not teaching or imagining where Beazey will go on her next adventure she loves traveling to new places with her husband Chris, listening to music in the ‘live music capital of the world,’ and visiting family and friends in Ireland and London.
Christina Shoptaw
Christina ShoptawIllustrator
Christina Shoptaw is the illustrator of “Beazey Bobbity Goes To New York.” Christina and Áine became friends at an elementary school in Austin, Texas in 2009 where Áine was the Music teacher and Christina taught Art. Through Christina’s illustrations she was able to give life to Áine’s characters in the Beazey Bobbity series.

Christina lives with her husband Tom and two tabby cats, Penny and Sherbert, in Austin, Texas. Christina has been an Art teacher for four years and enjoys sketching, painting, photography, and reading in her spare time. In addition to being an author and illustrator, Áine and Christina are also musicians. Áine teaches and performs as a singer, pianist and violinist and Christina sings and plays drums with her husband in their band, Rambler Rose.